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Ref: #56036

Data Engineer

  • Practice Data

  • Technologies Business Intelligence Jobs and Data Recruitment

  • Location copenhagen , United Kingdom

  • Type Contract

Description of knowledge and experience

1) Process focus

  • Knowledge CI/CD processes: What works and what do not?
  • Change management: How can STARS change with our current team? How to get everyone on board?
  • Setup for documenting and maintaining guidelines: How can we ensure standardization, and get away from importance of individuals knowledge?
  • Planning setup for test-automation: How do we get everyone on board for this new way of doing things? What is best-practice? What works?
  • Ensuring compliance with our client
  • Jira-focus: How do we ensure efficient use of developers time? Ensure that prerequisites are in place before task is started. How do we ensure no waiting/waste-time regarding sprintdeploy-timeline?
  • Handovers: Process for getting peer-review, tester to take over a developed task

2) Developing scripts focus

  • CI/CD automation-scripts knowledge
  • Programming skills in any language. Preferable Python experience.
  • Test-automation-scripts knowledge
  • Using our qtest+Bamboo to setup a lean way of testing and automating testing. Or maybe another approach?
  • Preferable:
    • Worked with the processes/development of setup in Atlassian: Bamboo + Bitbucket + Jira or alternatively Jenkins + Git + other Task-management/planning tools.
    • Database work-process knowledge, SQL.
    • Server and API experience.
  • Preferable experience in reuseable testing using synthetic/constructed input-data.
  • Ensuring almost all settings can be done by a developer. Method/script for
  • Deployment of environment Agnostic/specific settings


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